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Joe M.

Having been a real estate investor for decades, I have used many real estate professionals and I have very high standards. I can honestly say that Rayyan Fani is as good as they come and without a doubt the best professional that I have ever met. He is what I call a "top drawer" realtor. He knows the local area like the palm of his hand and has insights that are rarely known to his peers. His masterful knowledge of the process coupled with his uncanny timing recommendations tremendously improved my profit picture. He executed such a seamless process that saved a lot of my time. I was quite surprised that things moved so well and all I have to do is to be updated (and he did it frequently) and provide my signature! His 24x7 responsive and near real time support was crucial in making things happened quickly. His outstanding negotiation skills and insightful understanding of human psychology netted me a much higher profit and much lower risk than I ever expected. What really put him head and shoulder above most real estate professional (or most people) is that he treated my money as though they were coming out of his own pocket. It is a characteristic that is rarely found when other people's money is involved. So he husbanded my money and often found less expensive ways to achieve the same beautiful results. He negotiated (for me) with service providers and unfailingly drove for higher quality and lower costs. His execution of my renovation project (prior to sale) was perfect as he came in below cost (estimated before project start) and ahead of schedule, and more importantly, with impressive results. Bottom line is that he is the kind of dream realtor that most people sought for but never could find! Well, you just found one and I know you will not be disappointed by his support.

Shali M.

Rayyan was our 3rd realtor, and the one who was actually able to get us the home we desired. The real estate market in Palo Alto is absolutely nuts, and the realtors are used to working with and mostly only comfortable working with very large budgets. So to find someone respectful of a tighter budget, and willing to put in the hard work to get what you want is not easy to find. Rayyan is a rare find. I found him to be genuine and caring, super hard-working and determined to get us what we wanted, and very trustworthy. I should call out that he specifically provided sound advice multiple times enabling us to avoid poor judgement calls or missteps on our part, which honestly, we might have. He saved us money. His understanding of current market conditions was spot on, I found it was way more actionable than counsel received from 2 previous realtors put together. We also had very specific requirements (more than the typical homebuyer) and he was willing to work with all those complexities. He put in sustained effort for a period of 6+ months to find us our perfect little home, much of it driven by him. He is well connected and was able to show off-market properties that eventually helped make the final decision. I would highly recommend Rayyan in a heartbeat. I'm pretty sure if we are fortunate enough to conduct additional real estate deals in the Bay Area, Rayyan will be our go-to guy.

Jean T.

Rayyan is an incredible professional. He helped us purchase an apartment within 3 months in the ultra competitive Palo Alto market. He has earlier access to homes prior to public listings. This was a great advantage so we could have extra time to think about an offer and pricing. He has a high volume of listings and deep knowledge of comps in this area. He asked us for specific details of what we wanted or cared about and listened. He asked us to look at a couple of similar but not exact places so we would have a good sense of price and confidence before we put in an offer. He coached us through every step of the buying process (writing a letter, putting in a good but not too high of an offer, getting preapproval documents etc.). Rayyan is incredibly responsive to texts and worked with us in the evenings and weekends to accommodate our schedule. There was never a sense that we were taking too much of his time and he was completely aligned with our goals, finding a great home at a reasonable price. I trusted him with our best interests in mind and Rayyan totally came through. We have worked with other realtors with prior homes (sale and buy side) and he is head above the others.

Michelle L.

I cannot say enough good things about Rayyan. He is courteous, professional, thoughtful, wise and absolutely trustworthy. Above and beyond being an outstanding real estate agent, he is a gem of a human being and so easy to work with. This was our first time purchasing a home, and from everything we'd heard from friends, we expected it to be an unpleasant experience, at best. But thanks to Rayyan, it was such an easy process! Whenever we ran into difficulties along the way, he would immediately get on the phone with the lender, or the title, or the HOA, and just get the problem resolved. He was extremely helpful and super responsive every step of the way and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to avoid all the usual headaches associated with buying a home in a crazy market like the Bay Area.

Hyacinthe S.

I am not the type of person who usually writes reviews. However, in this case, I will make an exception. After working with Rayyan and being shown a number of homes by him, I was so impressed by how knowledgeable and resourceful he was. He has phenomenal insight into the Bay Area market, including knowledge of off market properties, has a keen eye for picking up details about a property that I would have otherwise missed, and he provided me with all the necessary information I needed to make an informed decision, without ever being imposing. The relationship I developed with Rayyan went beyond a simple transaction and became a genuine friendship. I can always count on him for any advice I need regarding real estate. I highly recommend him for his services!

Kayvan N.

Last year, I was working with an agent that I was not satisfied with and after months of not getting anywhere, I decided to reach out to Rayyan and meet him in person. On the first meeting, I noticed his professionalism and punctuality as well as his knowledge of the area. He helped me sort through my options and narrow down my choice. His help with the process and walking me through the different stages was invaluable (especially for me since it was my first purchase). He is very active, responsive, good communicator and a great negotiator. Long story short, I was able to close on a great condo in a perfect neighborhood with his help. I can say a lot about him but if you are looking for an agent, just meet with him once and you will not regret it.


Rayyan Fani is an excellent real estate agent. He is extremely smart and also very kind. We experienced several unexpected difficulties during the process of buying our house. Rayyan dealt expertly with all of these issues, from negotiating with the sellers during the offer process to making sure that we were able to close on schedule even while he was on vacation several time zones away in Japan. He has been so helpful in everything we needed even after our closed. I found him to be completely trustworthy in all of our interactions and felt comfortable with him immediately. I highly recommend him.


Rayyan helped us to buy a great property investment in the Bay Area. He was very creative, responsive which made the process fast and easy. He has the right connections with listing agents, mortgage brokers and title companies, so he can provide you a one stop shop. He even helped us to rent the property after we closed. If you are looking for someone that can explain to you the process to buy a house, the market landscape, a great communicator and a trusted agent, Rayyan is who you are looking for.

Mae F.

Rayyan is very professional and helpful, and ready whenever I have questions about real estates in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park market. He is very personable and he doesn't use intimidating jargon to explain things. He is extremely knowledgeable. He is patient with all my questioning every step of the way and really put me at ease knowing I have a professional and trustworthy real estate agent.

Frank R.

Rayyan was a true professional! He worked very hard to find the right home that fit my needs. He always beat me to the home and had it ready to show. He worked very diligently in finding the right home and is very knowledgeable of the market in the Peninsula. I would highly recommend Rayyan for your home searching needs.

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His expert knowledge of the Peninsula & South Bay markets, coupled by his genuine desire and interest to be of service to people, makes him the "go to realtor" for anyone looking to buy/sell a home/investment property.
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